Revolutionize healthcare with accessible diagnostics


The health care system of tomorrow is more (cost) effective than the sick care system of today.


There is a frustrating discrepancy between clinical practice and what is technologically possible.


Our patented nanotech-enabled lab-on-a-chip system is the only technology sensitive enough to detect a single virus particle.

Market opportunities

Launching customer: microbiology lab performing 100% of diagnostic tests in East-Netherlands
Demand for decentralized testing: our system will be applied at the point of care.
Pilot project: 50000 tests (€40 profit per test) in East NL at 5% market share.
5% of NL market = 1 million tests per year
5% of EU market = 80 million tests per year


Q1 2021: €1 million pre-seed raised
Q1 2021: validation COVID test
Q2 2021: ISO13485, CE certification of prototype
2023: validation of respiratory infection panel test (Influenza, RSV, SARS-CoV-2, SARS-CoV-3, pneumococcus, etc.)
2024: production/market introduction panel test
2025: validation of cancer diagnostics (tumor-derived extracellular vesicles)


Team expansion:
C-level executive to help scale the company
Quality assurance professional/ regulatory documentation

€10 million in 2023 for setting up production line