About ECsens

As a spin-off of the University of Twente, ECsens is a high-tech research start-up focusing on Lab-on-a-Chip platforms for liquid biopsies. With unique experience in nanoscale electrical engineering, sample transport and surface functionalization, we develop extremely sensitive and selective, plug ’n play health care technology. Our mission:

To enhance treatment efficacy with smarter screening tools.


Our surface engineering ensures minimal fouling and maximal affinity, reducing false positives and false negatives.


Nanofabricated electrochemical sensors award the sensitivity to detect biomarkers down to the single nanoparticle level.


Smart sample handling drives analytes to sensors,  increasing throughput by orders of magnitude for quick and reliable readout.

What we offer

Development of liquid biopsy-based integrated sensor platforms for various applications is our main focus. Our technology is uniquely capable of detecting and quantifying (single) nano- and microparticles in a range of complex media, either passively or targeted using specific recognition elements. If you have a custom application in mind whereby our skillset and access to advanced cleanroom technology could be of use, we welcome you to challenge us to satisfy your exact needs.


We are developing versatile technology and high-performance functionalization, aimed at specific quantification of various submicron analytes in various bodily fluids.


Our technology is capable of analysis of dispersions of (sub)micron particles in fluids of any kind, not limited to biological applications.


Specializing in thin-film nanoscale patterning and (unconventional) microfluidics, we can support the development of varying integrated systems.


We have the experience necessary to bring a range of functionalities to numerous types of surfaces, ranging from polymers to ceramics and metal alloys. Moreover, we have access to the required surface characterization equipment to optimize your coatings.


Several positions are available at ECsens for canditates in various stages of their career: from students to senior team members. For a recently granted EU research project (UNICORN Dx), 5 postdoc positions are available worldwide.

Internship or thesis (e.g. with affiliate research groups at UT)

At ECsens, we are always excited to welcome students -some of our most valuable know-how comes from these bright young minds!

Typically our applicants are from Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics or Nanotechnology. We also had many Biomedical Engineering and Biomedical Laboratory students. But we’re also keen on meeting students from Industrial Design, Industrial Engineering, (Business) Information Technology and especially any other program – we love to learn from fresh perspectives!

For your bachelor or master thesis assignment, we can collaborate with research groups at UT, e.g. NanoElectronics, BioElectronics, Medical Cell BioPhysics or AMBER.

If you just contact us through LinkedIn or send a (preferably short) message to student@ecsens.com, we’ll create a position especially for you!

Quality Manager

more information will follow soon

(The Netherlands )

University of Twente – BioElectronics

The Bioelectronics group seeks qualified candidates for a postdoc position in single-entity biosensing combining DC electrochemical measurements and AC detection at GHz frequencies.

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(The Netherlands)

University of Twente –
Applied Microfluidics for BioEngineering Research

This project aims at developing an innovative sensing platform using a multi-modal detection mechanism for the detection of biomarkers at the single-particle level. Your role in this broad project will focus on the sample preparation steps and the device integration. You will develop an integrated microfluidic platform to support a “sample-in/answer-out” paradigm for a point-of-care solution integrating adequate sensing modalities (developed by other partners).

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Johannes Kepler Universtät Linz – NanoElectronics

The Nanoelectronics group is looking for two PostDocs to work with us on an EU project that develops a biosensor platform for virus detection.

The platform will be based on an approach that uses single-entity biosensing by combining DC electrochemical measurements and AC detection at GHz frequencies.

The successful candidate will focus on the implementation of the Surface GHz Resonance detector.

Both detection modalities will be combined in purpose-made lithographically fabricated nanodevices.

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Quantum BioElectroChemistry

A postdoc position is available in Tokyo, Japan for developing high frequency nanoscale electrochemical microscopy.

More information will follow

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Our Team

dr. Dilu Mathew

Chief Executive Officer

dr. Pepijn Beekman

Chief Technology Officer

Bas Nooren

Cleanroom Engineer

dr. Sachin Nair

R&D Scientist

prof. Wilfred van der Wiel

Scientific Advisor

prof. Serge Lemay

Scientific Advisor

prof. Séverine Le Gac

Scientific Advisor

dr. Richard Schasfoort

Scientific Advisor

Latest News

2022/02/23 our EU Horizon2020 ATTRACT proposal “UNICORN Dx” was approved!

In a consortium led by ECsens with i.a. University of Twente, JKU Linz and CNRS Tokyo, a revolutionary new detection technology will be developed and integrated in a cloud-based point-of-care system. 5 postdoc positions are available. At ECsens multiple positions will open soon, more news will follow!

2020/12/07 ECsens won a “Small Business Innovation Research” tender to develop a prototype of a fast and reliable coronatest for crowd management at big events!

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2020/07/01 We have received overwhelming media attention lately. Some examples:

RTV Oost

2020/06/01 Our QoroNano project proposal was granted by Health Holland (TKI-LSH). In collaboration with MST, LabMicTA and the UT, we will develop a point-of-care corona testing device that should give a reliable result within minutes. We will go all out to try to get this technology to the market next year.

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2020/02/12 ECsens is highlighted on the UT website. Thanks to the media and communications team for making a great promo video!

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2019/12/09 Out of ~40 applications, 10 projects were awarded a “Pioneers in Health Care” voucher for applying research findings in health care. 2 of those vouchers went to projects utilizing ECsens technology.

Regional news paper Tubantia wrote this feature article on one of the topics

2019/11/09 ECsens won the 4TU Impact Challenge! Out of 800 initial applicants, we were selected to represent The Netherlands at the World Expo in Dubai!

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2019/09/22 We are proud to announce that our latest publication will be featured on the cover of February’s issue of Nano Letters! We reported detecting tdEVs at concentrations down to 5 EVs/ul thanks to enzymatic amplification and redox cycling.

the paper is openly available here

2019/07/22 Our latest publication is featured on the cover of Lab on a Chip. In this work, we developed a platform for the specific isolation of tumor-derived extracellular vesicles (tdEVs) on a substrate compatible with a range of instruments, for the multi-modal analysis of individual tdEVs.

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